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Which Jane Austen Character Are You?

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My friends and I took a quiz from JANE AUSTEN'S GUIDE TO DATING during our post Stila Warehouse Sale girls' brunch. It reveals your Jane Austen character dating persona. My result (which I'll share later) was surprising and when I tweeted about it I got a bunch of people asking where they could take the same test. So I decided to create my own version (with a few additional characters) and voila!




1. You need a new pair of shoes. You buy:
a) kitten heels
b) loafers or some house clogs
c) classic pumps, maybe with a peep toe
d) stilettos
e) sneakers
f) ballet flats

2. Which of these movie characters do you most identify with?
a) Rose DeWitt (TITANIC)
b) Lucy Honeychurch (A ROOM WITH A VIEW)
c) Sugar Cane (SOME LIKE IT HOT)
d) Sally Albright (WHEN HARRY MET SALLY)
e) Toula Portokalos (MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING)

3. Which celebrities make you swoon? (Er, the most...)
a) Clive Owen, Daniel Craig
b) Robert Downey, Jr., Ewan MacGregor
c) Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Pattinson
d) George Clooney, Nathan Fillion
e) Harrison Ford, Alan Rickman
f) James Franco, Ethan Hawke

4. Your dream job:
a) The Arts - musician, actor, visual artist, writer
b) Management or Directorial role
c) Teacher
d) Stay at home Mom
e) Running a business with the love of your life
f) Work?

5. Your lovelife theme song:
a)"For Once In My Life" by Stevie Wonder
b)"At Last" by Etta James
c) "These Are Days" by 10,000 Maniacs
d) "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong
e) "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" by Arctic Monkeys

6. Your man says he's taking you on a "Dream Date." You imagine...
a) late-night date at the hottest club in town
b) amazing hole-in-the-wall restaurant you feel like you "discovered"
c) meaningful conversation at a quiet, laid back coffee house
d) gallery show followed by cocktails at a VIP-list only party
e) cuddling on the couch while watching a movie
f) any or all of the above, capped off by watching the sunrise from the beach

7. Not knowing exactly what is planned for this "Dream Date," your wardrobe choice is:
a) whatever I feel like in the moment
b) classic but not too sexy
c) classic with a sexy edge
d) comfy and casual
e) feminine
f) cutting edge of style

8. Unfortunately, his version of the "Dream Date" turns out to be...different. Your reaction:
a) doesn't matter - you're happy to be with him
b) cry
c) smile and try to appreciate his effort
d) drag him someplace else
e) go with it, but suggest something you'd like to do for next time
f) thank him, then strongly suggest your "dream" alternative instead

9. You sleep with a guy who never calls you again. Your reaction:
a) obsess about what you did wrong
b) don't panic - he's probably just busy and will get back to you...someday
c) make a voodoo doll of him, stab it through the heart, and go out with your girlfriends
d) put on your most smoking outfit and hit the bars on the prowl
e) call him
f) wait outside his apartment so he'll see you, thus reigniting his passion

10. First date with a new guy. It was AMAZING. It ends with...
a) a demure smile and unspoken hope he'll call you again
b) you tell him what a good time you had and hope he'll call you again
c) a peck on his cheek at your door/car
d) a passionate kiss at your door/car
e) romantic walk on the beach while the sun rises
f) tangled sheets and sweat-glistening bodies

11. Your number one reason for turning a guy down for a second date:
a) not emotionally available
b) not passionate enough
c) doesn't laugh enough
d) he talks too much
e) too old
f) doesn't have a enough drive

12. Children?
a) whatever he wants
b) oops
c) one
d) a few
e) some
f) many

13. Who is your favorite FRIEND?
a) Monica
b) Rachel
c) Phoebe
d) Ross
e) Chandler
f) Joey

14. What kind of man do you picture yourself with?
a) Someone who keeps me entertained - never a dull moment.
b) Someone who utterly, unquestioningly adores me.
c) Someone I respect for his mind and his morals, his goodness and his patience.
d) Someone who appreciates my quiet strength but who also brings me out of my shell.
e) Someone who can keep up with me as an equal - our love and passion are mutual.
f) Someone who brings out the best in me, calms me down and keeps me down to earth.

15. A Sunday afternoon all to yourself! You spend it -
a) reading a book
b) playing music
c) a nice, solitary walk
d) catching up on emails and thank you notes
e) calling friends and family
f) grabbing a stool at the local sports bar - guaranteed male attention


Score your points accordingly:

1. a) 3, b) 1, c) 4, d) 5, e) 2, f) 6

2. a) 6, b) 2, c) 5, d) 4, e) 1, f) 3

3. a) 2, b) 5, c) 6, d) 3, e) 4, f) 1

4. a) 6, b) 4, c) 2, d) 1, e) 3, f) 5

5. a) 1, b) 2, c) 3, d) 4, e) 5, f) 6

6. a) 5, b) 3, c) 2, d) 4, e) 1, f) 6

7. a) 6, b) 3, c) 4, d) 1, e) 2, f) 5

8. a) 1, b) 6, c) 2, d) 5, e) 3, f) 4

9. a) 1, b) 2, c) 3, d) 4, e) 5, f) 6

10. a) 1, b) 2, c) 3, d) 4, e) 6, f) 5

11. a) 2, b) 6, c) 3, d) 1, e) 5, f) 4

12. a) 6, b) 5, c) 4, d) 3, e) 2, f) 1

13. a) 2, b) 4, c) 6, d) 1, e) 3, f) 5

14. a) 5, b) 6, c) 2, d) 1, e) 3, f) 4

15. a) 1, b) 6, c) 3, d) 2, e) 4, f) 5


15-23 points: Fanny Price (MANSFIELD PARK)
It's not easy being right. That's Fanny's mantra. Though shy and retiring, of all Austen's heroines, Fanny knows herself the best. Calm, quiet and patient, she knows what she wants, what she doesn't and won't settle for anything less. She'd rather observe than participate but that doesn't mean she is weak of character or of mind. She is not swayed by the attentions of a popular man whom she views as morally deficient, and will not give in to the pressures of friends and family to go against her own moral code. And Fanny's steadfastness of mind and character is rewarded with her true love at last.

Best matched with a man of like tastes and mind, who doesn't need to be the center of attention and confident in himself without the approbation of others, like Edmund Bertram or Edward Ferrars.

24-32 points: Anne Elliot (PERSUASION)
Patience is Anne Elliot's middle name. Though she appears to be quiet and composed, Anne is the kind of woman you want in a crisis. Her coolness of mind and decisiveness of action make her a natural leader in an emergency. Still, she'd rather be a quiet observer most of the time and she needs someone assertive and self-secure to balance her reserve and draw her out of her shell.

Best matched with a calm, confident man like Captain Wentworth, Colonel Brandon or Edmund Bertram.

33-41 points: Elinor Dashwood (SENSE AND SENSIBILITY)
No one has more self-control than Elinor Dashwood. She keeps her love for Edward Ferrars under wraps while she knows he is not free to be hers. Though reserved in her emotions, Elinor has absolute confidence in her own instincts: she know he loves her and in that knowledge she finds contentment. Elinor possesses a singularly logical mind; she has analyzed Edward and his situation, and acts accordingly, not only to protect her reputation, but her heart as well. She is also very nurturing, doing her best to guide a hopelessly romantic sister through the pitfalls of love.

Best matched with a man who will appreciate her maturity of mind and steady heart, and who is looking for that epitome of domestic bliss, like Edward Ferrars or Henry Tilney.

42-50 points: Jane Fairfax (EMMA)
A sweet and trusting nature is both the making and the undoing of Jane Fairfax. She is the epitome of femininity and demure countenance, matched with an intelligent brain and an artistic though understated flair. All good, right? Except that this creature attracts and is attracted to the kind of man who falls wildly in love, almost in spite of himself, and perhaps before he is ready. Jane's open nature is far too trusting and she might not notice that she's falling in love with a Lothario until it is too late. That said, her strength of character and her many allures might be just the thing to take the "play" out of a "player", but at what cost to her happiness?

Best matched with an outgoing, friendly, center-of-attention type who will balance her quiet beauty, like Frank Churchill, Henry Crawford or Mr. Bingley.

51-59 points: Elizabeth Bennet (PRIDE AND PREJUDICE)
You're the girl we all want to be, deep down. Outgoing, witty, spontaneous, Lizzy isn't afraid to speak her mind or defend those who cannot speak for themselves. Though apt to make snap judgements, she's usually correct in her assessment of those around her, and though her words occasionally get her into trouble, she is never mean or bitchy with her wit, using it only to amuse herself and her friends without causing pain to anyone else.

Best matched with an man who will consider her an equal in all things, and adore her accordingly, like Mr. Darcy, Henry Tilney or Captain Wentworth.

60-68 points: Emma Woodhouse (EMMA)
Strong and wrong. Bless you, Emma, we love you despite your constant foot-in-mouth disease because at least you say exactly what you mean. Even if it's foolish. While those around you occasionally want to wring your neck, they can't help but love you because all your silliness comes from the heart, in an honest attempt to help your loved ones. Your biggest fault is a trend towards cattiness and gossip, and you must avoid those who bring out the worst parts of your nature.

Best matched with someone who will guide you and bring out the best in you while appreciating your kind and nurturing nature, and fun, outgoing spirit, like Colonel Brandon, Mr. Knightley, or Henry Tilney.

69-77 points: Mary Crawford (MANSFIELD PARK)
Mary Crawford would have done well in Hollywood. Clever, cynical and occasionally bitchy, she calls it like she sees it, and views man's foibles as fodder for her own entertainment. Confident in her own charms and wit, she loves to be the center of attention, and doesn't mind manipulating those around her to get the adoration she craves. She'd be an excellent panelist on CHELSEA LATELY, but could also end up as a bitter old bar hag if she doesn't watch herself.

Best matched with a stable man who will appreciate her clever mind, is confident enough to let her be the center of attention, but strong enough to reign in her bitchiness, like Edmund Bertram, Mr. Knightley or Henry Tilney.

78-85 points: Lydia Bennett (PRIDE AND PREJUDICE)
Oh boy. Lydia is either a total attention whore trainwreck or a misunderstood sex addict. Either way, she's probably not ready for a serious relationship. Flirting is the key to her being - she practically can't help herself. The thrill of the chase, and the lure of attention, is too strong and she'll flit from flower to flower, depending on who gives her the most deference.

Even though she might not be ready for it, Lydia is best matched with a excitement-seeking, sexually charged man like Henry Crawford, Willoughby or George Wickham. Under the right circumstances, the two of them might just provide enough excitement and drama for each other to make a lasting, though tumultuous, relationship.

86-90 points: Marianne Dashwood (SENSE AND SENSIBILITY)
Marianne is the definition of a hopeless romantic. Shakespeare might as well have been describing her: "One that lov'd not wisely but too well." Marianne will give her whole heart, jump right into the deep end of love, without always assessing the worthiness of her intended. In love with being in love, she'll have a series of heart-wrenching tragic romances unless she finds a steady, probably older man who will appreciate her impulsiveness but also treasure and protect her passion.

Best matched with Colonel Brandon, Mr. Knightley or Mr. Darcy.


  1. So when I took the original quiz in the book, I got Lydia Bennet. I was sort of shocked, since in the book it wasn't really meant to be a complimentary result. Still, I've always felt Lydia Bennet was misunderstood. So I can appreciate the result.

    My version of the quiz? Emma Woodhouse. And while I'd love to think of myself more as a Mary Crawford type, I think most people who know me will agree that "Strong and Wrong" is sort of... me.

    Lord help me.

  2. Jen, I will refrain from commenting (OMG PERFECT). :D

  3. EERILY accurate. Your quiz-making abilities are epic. :)

  4. I'm a total Emma. I wish I could say this surprises me....

  5. Elizabeth Bennet, but just barely. How can you make us choose between those swoonable boys?


  7. Heh, sorry, missus!

    Lizzie Bennet for me too.


  8. Elizabeth Bennet for me. Great quiz!

  9. Elizabeth Bennet here. Hmmm...

  10. Elinor Dashwood. Which, strangely for me, is the only Jane Austen heroine I never really connected with.

    Great quiz!

  11. Awesome Brodi! Elinor is someone that I aspire to... and utterly, fantastically fail.

  12. Hrm. Elinor Dashwood. I guess I can see parts of that. I think she's way more awesome then me...

  13. Yay! Elizabeth Bennett! Hate me all you like. :D

  14. Another Elizabeth Bennett... The quiz is amazing

  15. I got hung up on #14 - I wanted all of the above and couldn't choose! So I'm either a Lizzy or a Jane Fairfax. Or maybe I'm both a Lizzy AND a Jane Fairfax. Either way, I'm happy.

  16. I think Lizzy and Jane are very similar, with one trending slightly more to the quiet side.

  17. Teetering between Elinor and Jane. Fun quiz and I loved that you pulled some "fringe" characters.

  18. Elizabeth Bennet. Hmmm...not sure how I feel about that? Good thing, I guess :)

    Great quiz!

  19. I think in many ways the "Jane Fairfax" option fits with Jane Bennett as well-- they are both undone by allowing themselves to fall too far in love with someone without any assurance that he will actually be there in the future.

  20. Jane Fairfax, god dammit! Never saw that coming...

  21. Took it three times (there were a few questions that had VERY close second and even third choices), and scored 55 with all 1st choices, then 50 with 2nds, then 52 with 3rds. So... I am pretty solidly classed as Elizabeth Bennett.

    I could not identify with some of the questions, but I used some logic to see what the heart of the question was REALLY about. (For instance, for Q 9, casual sex is entirely out of the question for me, so I changed the idea to to doing something passionate, but impulsive, and when not getting the reaction I hoped for, what would I do? ANALYZE the situation to DEATH, of course! And kick myself for both real and imagined mistakes. Anyway...)

    This quiz agrees with my husband (who has seen nearly every Austen-based movie ever made, with the exception of Persuasion, and - like me - has nearly all of the A&E P&P memorized), as well as several other Austenite friends who peg me as a Lizzy. This is definitely the most fun "Which Austen Character Are You" quiz I've ever taken. Found you from, btw.

  22. Jane Fairfax?!?!?! REALLY?!?!?! Rats.

  23. I got Elizabeth Bennett. My life is now complete.

  24. Awesome, Elizabeth Bennett! Luckily Pride and Prejudice is the only Austen book I've read.

  25. Lizzy as well! Yay! Bring on the hatred ;)

  26. Funny, Jane Fairfax here. But I know I'm not the least bit accomplished! And we all know Jane is sooo accomplished! And graceful - but I can't walk through a doorway without bumping. So not sure how I got that, except that I can be strangely reserved sometime. Gotta admit, people don't aways know what's really going on under the surface. Funny, that doesn't seem to really be in the q's but I found that connection anyway.

  27. I tried to take this quiz, and I certainly think there was a lot of thought put into it! However, I guess I'm just not a Jane Austen character...there were too many questions for which I had no answer at all! :( Oh, well...I still love her novels.

  28. I got Elizabeth Bennet. That was fun. Thanks!

  29. Emma. Of course. How eerie.

  30. I loved this! It's one of few tests where you can't (at least I couldn't) immediately see which answer goes with which person.

    I got Jane Fairfax at the end when I forced myself to choose on every q otherwise I jumped between Anne Elliot and Elinor Dashwood, which fits tho they share quite a few characteristics.

  31. Anne Elliot.

    Possbile the best moment of my life!

    Happy Holidays!


  32. Teetering between Emma Woodhouse and Elizabeth Bennett.


  33. Jane Fairfax. After taking it a couple of times, I ranged from 43 - 47, so I think it's a pretty solid classification. As a character, I never felt much of a connection to her, but in a contemporary dating context, the description is EERILY accurate. WHOA.